Friday, January 22, 2010

36 inches


  1. Whoa! I live in south Alabama (very south). We recently got 4.5" of snow. Everyone made snowmen that had pinestraw and leaves all in them! It had been 17 years since we have had accumulated snow! It was 20 years before that! To see so much snow at your house is beyond my comprehension. I am sure it affects you life tremendously. Snow stops everything here...everything!! Nothing is open!! Everyone is playing in the snow. It is such a treat and it lasted 2 1/2 days! It is an exciting time for us. I am sure that it doesn't seem like much of a blessing to you guys, when you are having to shovel and live in it so long!

  2. I'm originally from the East Coast so I love having four seasons, although three feet of snow is a little excessive. We're in the mountains outside of LA so we get snow due to our high elevation (5500'). If you've watched the Rose Parade, we're on the other side of the mountains you see in the background.


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