Friday, March 31, 2023

Make It March 2023

To say it's been a while would be an understatement at best. So why not get back into things with a bang? Here are 31 sketches inspired by Tracie and Tiffany over at The Scrap Gals. Amazingly there were only a handful of repeats. 😀

1. Paper Pad Play

2. Lots of Photos

3. Stack Your Scraps

4. Comparison/Contrast

5. Myself in the Mirror

6. Bar Graph

7. Bubble Up

8. Clouds or Rainbows

9. Like Project Life

10. Big Changes

11. Pattern Play

12. Connection Reflection

13. Make it Like Missy

14. Get Sketchy

15. Clustered Column

16. Monochromatic Mania

17. Out of the Pocket

18. Pocket Full of Memories

19. Triangle Clusters

20. Anaphora

21. Diagonal Line

22. Framed

23. Paint a Rainbow

24. Fabric Frenzy

25. Tag, You're It

26. She Said, She Said, She Said

27. 6x8 Paper Pads

28. Recipe Redux

29. On the Edge

30. Vivacious Verbs

31. Write a Letter

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